infrastructure week


i logged onto twitter dot com today and there's some kind of drama about subtweeting
poets who make more money from a year of speaking gigs than i've made in my life
at the evidence shredding factory where my boss banned iPhones because
I was posting on mastodon all day ("tbh if you'd pull the trigger
on the last cop in the world, then you're ok with me") trying to build alternatives
to existing institutions when the existing institutions are the problem what would it mean
to make non-alternative alternatives or something do you know what i mean? Imagining
what David would say since he's been banned from twitter (rip) for being
too opinionated about instagram poetry the twitter weltanschauung is getting to me accelerationist

posters dominate the day what if this facebook libra blockchain thing means critical support
for pewdiepie's move from youtube to dlive where he can have his heated gaming moments
uninterrupted by his Disney sponsors who prefer their fascism cryogenically frozen. I'm tired
of saying 'edginess was invented by the brands to sell jeans to teens', so instead edginess
is what happens when corporate funded media conglomerates need to profit off of tv programming
for children who have nowhere to go besides the living room. Behind us now is the living
room economy unless you imagine phones as living rooms (what if your phone was the
cops) for 'millennials' who have 'decided' not to buy homes & instead decorate their IG living rooms
with vacation pictures, memes of sea otters holding hands, and aphorisms like "snuggling
feels important."

Anyways, we were talking about wife guys or gaming during infrastructure week or paintbucket dot page & the aesthetics of leftist literary journals in the 20th century. Something about flarf, too;
I'm a podcaster now, so it's all jumbling up in my head, the conversations with writers I'd never thought
were talking over the chatter of liberalism during the #resistance years is that now or then bush or trump

Well, infrastructure week is here, so let's roll up those fucking sleeves on our white or light blue
collared shirts, and project a real common sense approach to fixing America's crumbling infrastructure.
That's what these poems have been about: infrastructure. If you've learned anything, it's that we need
to build a global network of subways, so we can all just endlessly commute to work, never arriving
reading poetry books like comic books on the living room of our phones it's called praxis i learned it
while listening to Vanessa Place talk with the Red Scare podcast. That's all this irony is: an endless
commute. So let's talk about infrastructure not the data that too is an archive. Get me
a poem:

We Lived Happily During THE War

Forgive me: I have killed jokes & irony. They are dead. Long live Jokes & Irony.
This is a funeral now. We are burying these martyrs. It's
infrastructure week in the graveyard. We're digging
if this commute ever ends.
"To my comrades:
I regret that I will miss the rest of the revolution.
Thank you for the honor of having me in your midst."
Don't beg for forgiveness: organize.