Can't Corner the [Theodor A-] ‘Dorno!

James Cactus / Alyssa Emiko

The fact that so many books still name Louis Armstrong as "the greatest or most significant or most influential" trumperteer ever only tells you how far jazz music still is from becoming a serious art.
Theador W. Adorno
German philosopher, sociologist, psychologist and composer
(1903 - 1969) When we first met you
you'd been reading Adorno
And you said that I ought
to try reading Adorno
Now even I still haven't
read much Adorno
but since then
I got clear
that nobody
reads what
he wrote back
when he was alive, or cares much at all
‘bout the Marxist scholar Theador Adorno.
Everybody, additionally, every last person
alive as well knows not just they but everyone
else doesn't read much of or care much for
the work of the early-to-mid 20th-century
public intellectual Adorno. Probably, if
we're being honest, even, yes, that's right, Adorno,
himself, didn't much, no sir, really, now,
care for the things which he, meaning,
the man, himself, the self-same, Adorno,
said, wrote, or otherwise proliferated
about the circles and so on where in
which said discoursing got trafficked
or with him got to be thought of as
as some kinda public intellectual. (But
this now, this is like an academic question,
one I find rather disinteresting, given
the subject-matter, namely: the German
philosopher, sociologist, psychologist,
and composer Theador Adorno.) I don't
really have a sense of how he was, as
a person, no, and he could've been, yes,
perfectly charming and decent. It's not
my area of expertise. I'm sorry. It's not.
And I sus-pect (I don't know, but I sense)
you don't care much
for Adorno, either. You
were just young and impressionable
when you first read Adorno. But hey,
at least it's not S-S-S-Søren Kierkegaard!