Paintbucket - Molotov Love Letter

Molotov Love Letter

Don’t you know love is messy?

You said we are scraps
of the universe tasked
to see itself
        -- and now I see that whenever
         I gaze into your eyes,
         a galaxy all in hazel.

        How funny we happened to cross paths.

        Long ago we might have combusted
        in the same star
        and our atoms once collided --

        we have a history of bumping into each other dear,
it’s been so long.         I still remember every contortion of your vocal chords,
        from every confession tender
        to every word shouted
        at police shields.

        I stand with you still.

        And they,
        they will falter and shake
        on their ratty knees as
        blood and booze spill to the sewer.

        You know love is messy.

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