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红口 – Red Mouth

Dale Brett

Gloss and luster consigned to my chapped lips
Backing up buses always fuck
with the class divide
Town square in a new pair of gold dentures
Ride the high at the gates of Factory 109

White liquor hits me in the hóng kŏu
Lingering mother lamb freshly painted
on the toilet seat
Millions of corporate names swell rampant
like shāo kǎo in the plumbing
That familiar taste of atrophied hip pocket animal juice

Presence of freshly cut shallots in your underwear
Opalescent nights blush
with the energy of a dried plum’s crease
Your pockmarked dawning ethos leaves me
anguished and breathless
more than a time again

Dreams of the proletariat
crush me love me lose me
as I tremble into brand after brand
Slip me into seamless digital integration
beyond this never-ending societal joke