Let's Get Sued By Rattle

Nomax Jodevaski

If you know one thing about the poetry magazine Rattle,
it's that it pays. If you know two things, it's that it's

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh also, okay, they're racist. There's
a story you hear about it, they published an issue billed

as all-New Yorkers but they fucked it up and every poem
was written by a white guy. Don't quote me on that, and

before anyone responds litigiously, let me state now that
whatever I say here is to the best of my recollection and

probably not libelous. But yeah, all white New York guys.
The worst kind of white guy. And my feeling is that you shouldn't

debase yourself for the $50 or whatever they pay for a poem
responding to the news or whatever. I'm not doing a bit.

but also,

they also are entirely funded by a California property
management company. Isn't this a Maoist page? and

No!, I'm not going to do the research, because
we can say with the same certainty that the next president

of the big bad U.S.A. will not be a woman I invented named
Charlotte Thompson of Paris, Texas, that they 100% verifiably

tore down a two-story rent-controlled apartment after
pulling a mostly illegal eviction on a working class latino

family now in this midst of desperate finanicial tragedy
which coincidentally has something to do with the job site

that became of their home, of the lot which is becoming
a disgustingly tasteful tower of condominiums which -- as

sure as the morning will come tomorrow, we can say this --
will become the home of someone whom I know -- I know it,

I can feel it in my bones with absolute albeit legally
irrelevant certainty -- has down played the sex crimes

of a business partner to end an argument with their dear
and beloved son. What's the howling-the-n-word-at-the-moon

ugliness of the 4chan-right next to the plain evil
of any landlord in human history? Their slush pile

is extremely competitive, but for what? The poems
can't do anything in the world but die. Like zombies.