Joseph Massey Quilllette Blackout Poem

Nomax Jodevaski

Me and everyone else uh Joemassey
were wondering whyre you always talking
about your childhood, and that dickstuff,
or like when that woman you used to hit

on or whatever pulled down your pants and
showed your dick to—wait, yes or no,
was that a sexthing? And, also, man,
you can't be hitting up people and you

just cannot hit a woman ever I don't see
see why I gotta be the one explaining all
this. I've never heard of you but you
can't just go through life saying it's

somebody else's fault or whatever.
Yeah, sorry. but Anyway. This is bout
How you've Deployed the Traumatic
Thing your Mither did to you (which is

totally fucked up! Nobody is denying
that!) as a way to duck a #MeToo
rap. But it's not even that, because like,
c'mon, you're fine, And we all know you're

fine, because if you really were like
actually cancelled, you'd have the
sense to keep your head down. But
yeah the one thing is you're being

really tiresome, Joe, when you make us
particpate in your Tendency. And like Jim
"This is the End" Morrison is why
you started writing poetry? Like he

did coke and got laid, dude.
Nobody— okay, like that dickt
hing you made your ex do for?
you? Never happened to anybody

who like even fuckin opened
for Doors. Or like, crapola, they
didn't start bragging about it. My
guy. Like. What're you even talking

about? "Back when I was thirty-five"
like that was five years ago. Like
nobody got even a sixty month chip
without having a pile of 30 day ones

lying around. How many times have
you eaten a first year cake? Not
even irony, this: You act like we
want to killyou when we really

don't, Okay? Watch that AntiFæscista
video of Anthony or whoever again,
you can see someone pulling them
off him. We don't want to have hurt you,

really. It's just like even if it is out on
accident your ex and your dick and
Andy Ngo or whoever all getting in
sillystring it's like uh it's cool but

just please how about not with us?