Save the Humanities

Amy Marvin

Finally driven to that roof
with a hatchet in my hand,
unnoticed by the guardians
with their heads stuffed under

earth. Propelled like the fart
of a gnat up the rafters of the
thinkery, I am the gnat, I'm
bringing fire, I'm replacing

clouds with smoke. We’re spreading
the light of nature and nature is
angry. The man in the basket screams,
"The roof! The roof! The roof is

on fire!" and it's so funny, I can't stop
myself from laughing. I can't stop
my beating heart just like I can't argue
away my debt. The clouds?

They’re loftier now, he was a total
reply guy. The weaker and stronger
argument? They started a GoFundMe
and moved to Baltimore. It’s not like

anybody died, don’t be so dramatic,
they just lost their Bursar to public
housing and had their megaphones
taken away. The lie between walled-off

genius and angry mob had already crumbled
years ago, the tenured were just too
partial and pampered to admit it. Save the
humanities, crack open a university.