It might have been a Saturday everybody wrote a poem with the words "obviously, obviously" somewhere in it.

Freshet, Drip

Sarah Priscus / @sarahpriscus / 5:27 AM
wait -- here -- with me, if you want     look -- stay -- if you really want     obviously, obviously, this is double instant karma      (we all shine on)     for lack of littering     or donating at the farmer’s market     poke your fingers through mine      (i can’t hide, i can’t hide, i can’t hide)     kitchen-knife scabs clipping, catching      catch stars on your tongue, all snowflake wet     count them     in multiples of house numbers and CVVs     nothing numbers     think of miles and millipedes instead     ask me if it would be good and precious     if they wore a million shoes     for their million feet     Springsteen sings as you split your skull     (oh, oh, oh, i’m on fire)          diagnose the lines on your brain     as torn-up maps of Denver and dust     trace through Colorado on the cerebellum     (rocky mountain high)     blink slow, hard, snow on your lashes     fold the paper corners onto places i’ve never been     bubble into nowhere-existence     moss on a wet, sunny stone     turn the radio off     wait -- listen -- is that a bird?

Tomorrow River

Daniel Boucher / @descripticon / 6:54 AM
You don’t want to spend
seven hours alone in a car
following two tumbleweeds;
It quickly becomes eleven hours.

Way up to North Wisco
via Chicago et. al.
I’ll meet you there goddamnit,
that’s what maps are for.

A green sign, “Tomorrow River,”
just before a short bridge
and then two miles later, another.
The future meanders—
obviously, obviously.

But in any case,
we crossed the Tomorrow River,
and neither of them

And that’s the real danger
of following tumbleweeds.


Prince Bush / @princebush / 5:01 AM

I will vote for
     Whoever harms
No one, though
     They will harm
     I will vote for
Whoever kills
     For who else
Can I vote for

To my butterfly

Luz / @Luz__2019 / 9:08 AM
Do I love you?
Obviously, obviously
I've seen your tears
I've shared your battles
I've felt your fears
Do I love you?
Obviously, obviously
I've seen you trying to be better
I've shared your nightmares
I've felt your biggest sorrow
Do I love you?
Obviously, obviously
I've seen your wings wide open
I've shared your short flights
I've felt your heart beating strongly
Do I love you?
Obviously, obviously.


Holly Raymond / @goblin_gavotte / 10:58 AM

a magician never gives away her secrets,
especially if she’s extremely shitty at her job.
the obvious trick of the body in pieces.
o my head snoring on me knee, like, any
idiot could make it just like so--
like so many trans writers I remained transfixed
on the body horror and the articulate massacre,
I got too hungry and bored for whatever’s subtle,
had god slam two giant forks from heaven
and rend me apart like grocery store chicken, obviously,
obviously I liked the manga where the eyeball fell apart
in strands. I liked the part where St. Sebastian did a backflip.
obviously I am paying you to come here
and destroy my corporeal form with capoeira or whatever
it is you do, with infinite tenderness, obviously, obviously
it hasn’t gotten meaningfully better,
the back still bleeds like a leaky tap,
the tooth still hums,
I wander around all like, three knee-caps,
fresh dip on the head like a kappa,
bad luck.

here I am as self-evident as anything, expelled
through the vast gap in the ground
on 43rd and Baltimore
bracketed by wooden scaffolds
and the object of much admiration
everyone in chairs eating $18 burrata & marrow &
applauding like crazy
o it's delightful, it's so precise,
the 34 trolley permanently diverted
all shuttle buses smiling just perfectly
and spilling into the dark

Heat Death?

Kegan Avery / @wombats4sale / 11:03 AM

Have I stolen enough time?
I’m on my lunch break,
eating in my van.
Could I steal a bit more?
Yes, please.
Obviously, obviously
It’s hot as fuck and my break
is over anyway.
I’ll come home soon.


Anon / 3:09 PM

Terrible things are happening all around me.
I see them and they make me cry.
But these feelings in my head and in my heart, they alone do not bring nothing.
They are not obviously. Obviously are only my actions they I let follow.
And that's why I gather my courage, roll up my sleeves and fight against these injustices.
I do this with the hope for better times. I do this for all that comes after me.
And if I reached my goal, yes then …
... then I sit down again on my star, let my legs dangle and look full of hope into the future.

There's no plan

Jimgandrewth Jimgandrewth II'ndary / 7:53 AM

Obviously, this idea will collapse in on itself
almost immediately. It may have already. Obviously.

Obviously, this was meant to go up this morning,
and I had to change it some. Obviously. Obviously.

The irregular schedules, erratic design and,
obviously, the lack of an implied internal

logic, obviously, (obviously) reveal less a
casual "surf's-up" 'tude about page editing

obviously -- obviously, though, my foes are
infuriated my all of this. Obviously.
-- obviously,

and compounding bureaucratic disasters imperil
this publication's continued operation, obviously.

Obviously, the jumping triangles (called coyotes)
distract more often than they work. But this blew

obviously, obviously, up, as I should have realized,
it always would. Obviously. Obviously. Obviously.