Money for Nothing

Zachary LaMalfa

Sterling Street station smells like shit
I was already in a bad mood
today wanting men and wanting women
but mostly wanting everyone to call me
so I can let the phone ring and ring and feel put upon

There is no love in the tunnel
to give or receive
no joy in the bridges’ steely erections
no device springs up to guide me through to knowledge
no program that won’t leave my life just as it was
and each of these things being beautiful smacks of money
of my running away to winter in Venice
with lots of money or Newburgh
full of painters which amounts to the same

First I will have to learn Italian and the banjo
learn perfect Florentine and the banjo
to swallow my Cs and clawhammer my banjo
and love you somebody whoever
receiving these words like a big quivering bridge
though I can’t love you right now because
right now I’m in the train
and you’re not allowed to love anybody in here