Selected D'Onofrios

Selected D'Onofrios

Paint Bucket

Vincent D'Onofrio agreed to allow Paint Bucketto publish a selection of poetry. Given his immense stature as a Hollywood icon, this will likely give verse the kick in the ass it needs to not be such a disgusting failure. We welcome this new age of poetry after decades of being fucked over by worthless MFAs

Men Who Pass Gas

Men who pass gas.
I can't stand it.
Airplanes,the worst.
How could they.
No warning.
No apology.
No control.
4god sakes.
0 control?
I have control.
Friends who pass gas?
It's the1 thing.
It's sh*t
Let me just sit in ur mess.
I'm fine.

U try'n 2 ruin my fun?

U try'n2ruin my fun?
Fun is fun. No?
I'm not hurt'n any1 or hurt'n myself.
Why u try'n2ruin my fun?
FUN's a good thing, no?
Am I be'n malicious?
What if I say it's none of your business?
Why u try'nt2ruin my fun?
Who R U2me?
Said the squirrel2the fox just b4 the fox ate it's face

Rock Stars

Carried rock stars in my arms.
3 flights of stairs.
Sat them in their limo's.
The hair.
The smell.
The mumbling.
The front door.
The faces in makeup.
Male&female alike.
No begging.
Badass attitudes.
U believed in yourself or u were being trained by your peers 2 believe in yourself.

Oh Gosh

What can I live with?
Can you tell me if you respect me?
Can you answer?
Do I want to even know this thing?
If you don't respect me then where do I go?
Where do I..?
Oh gosh. Oh my gosh.
Is it all my fault?
Not to be respected can crush me.
It can.
Then where do I go?
Oh gosh

Man, u r so Lovely

Man, u are so lovely.
Stupid right?
Yet everything I c in u so far is just exceptional.
I can c some imperfections.
Makes u more lovely.
Thank the lord.
Imperfections define me. Familiar with imperfections.
A mountain of imperfections.
Man, u r so Lovely.