Leaving the Tosche Station

Jeff Hipsher

Late in the empire
of Nacho Cheese
where everything
is mostly pro
visional, Ben Fran
klin is known
to have believed
the universe inhab
ited by even whiter
men. The sky
a white canceled
application tells
you, Keep it up
and your face
will stay stuck
on earth in the age
of procedural
dramas. Ea ch
night, a red
alert suds up
in the humidity
of the snack
food district.
The mutineers
have the good
ish sense to
cheese it
for the middle
distance, causing
darkness. Scram
bling the stars
to mush.
That said,
it sure is
a sweet
time to be
hanging on
for another
season, not
just cool
ranch Dorito
dust on the pass
ing light.