I saw Nikola Tesla at the Park Again

Nomax Jodevaski

If your hate could be turned into electricity, it would light up the whole world.

Nikola Tesla
Hey did you know Nick Tesla
wanted to fuck a pigeon?
He saw one of those birds
and said, boy oh boy, I
better dick that dove down
before I blow my top. Gimme,
gimme, gimme, pigeon-baby,
gimme, gimme, gimme, your
sweet pigeon-baby love
And people thought he was
normal! Fucking weirdo.

I could have started by talking
about how that quote up top is ass
(imagine not hating anybody, you'd
have to be a fucking monster, like
who on Earth doesn't have a grudge
like other than old Keyser Soze?)
but honestly I don't play around
when it comes to matters of the
flesh when that flesh is pigeon.
End of discussion. Next question.